Disclaimer: Crystal healing and other types of energy work are complementary therapies only, and not to be considered a substitute for conventional medicine. If you have a serious health issue, please consult your doctor and continue with any treatments prescribed to you. There is no guarantee that crystal healing will treat or "cure" any condition.

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​​Included also in this experience is the use of the non-heated amethyst pillow.  The InfraMat Pro can be used during, before or after your crystal healing.

If you do not want a crystal healing session, you can utilize just the mat by itself. 

​​​​​InfraMat 30 minutes: $10
InfraMat 60 minutes: $15


​​​​​InfraMat 30 minutes: $25
InfraMat 60 minutes: $35

Enhance your session with Natural Stone Heat Therapy!

Enhance your crystal healing session with natural stone heat therapy by adding the use of our HealthyLine InfraMat Pro™. This mat can warm up to 160° Fahrenheit & is packed with over 6 pounds of natural AMETHYST crystals + 30 natural JADE stones & 30 TOURMALINE ceramic stones. Melt your stresses away with this ultimate relaxation experience. 

​​Jade is the most efficient gemstone in terms of heat absorption. Accordingly, the jade stones provide a relaxing warmth that immediately soothes acute aches and pains. Jade improves the immune system and is helpful for improving kidney ailments and stomach pain when used over time. When heated, jade produces negative ions, which optimize cell metabolism and cell repair. Jade’s energy is also said to promote good luck and the forming of close friendships.

Tourmalineis a semiprecious mineral that increases the potency of negative ions produced by the jade. Tourmaline is well known for expelling waste from the body, detoxifying the bloodstream, and aiding in fat loss. In addition, tourmaline reduces retention of water and increases blood circulation. The crushed amethysts in the mat further intensify the healing properties of jade and tourmaline. These stones also assist healing deeper within the body. The infrared rays produced by amethysts can penetrate up to six inches into the human body.

Amethyst can increase your overall energy level and detoxify the body from drug and alcohol use, so the mat may be beneficial in treating addiction. Amethysts also help relieve joint pain and can improve memory and promote weight control. All stones in this mat provide a convenient way to increase negative ions in the body. These negative ions improve metabolism and immune system function and can even slow calcium and collagen breakdown. This mat may reduce stress by increasing levels of melatonin and serotonin, which are natural chemicals in the brain that promote well-being and restful feelings.